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Here’s a letter from a real scientist on the global warming scam and the fraudsters that have been playing the globe for a moron all along.

Sceptics in Wonderland
by Christopher Essex

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article by Daniel Henninger critical of scientists who allowed the culture of Climategate to develop in their professions.

Christopher Essex, a leading Canadian applied mathematician and award-winning author, has written to Henninger.

Dear Daniel

My friend Willie Soon passed on an article from your “Wonder Land” column. It’s very good. It is an angle that I have anticipated for a very long time.

Wonderland is certainly where I have been trapped for more than twenty years. But it is not nearly as nice as Alice’s version. Thoughts of the inquisition come to mind instead.

Many of we scientists have been ringing the alarm bells from the beginning on this. We have been telling everyone who would listen about who we were dealing with. We have known all along.


As to the EPA’s stupidity, CO2 is NOT a pollutant. Only a fucking moron, or a sycophant of the global warming scam could possibly come to that conclusion. Global warming has jack to do with CO2, or humans at all. It’s a natural cycle of the planet. Water vapor causes more greenhouse effects than any other gas/pollutant you could name. Let’s ban water. Morons.

Here’s a roundup of comments from scientists on the matter:

“CO2 is not a pollutant. In simple terms, CO2 is plant food. The green world we see around us would disappear if not for atmospheric CO2. These plants largely evolved at a time when the atmospheric CO2 concentration was many times what it is today. Indeed, numerous studies indicate the present biosphere is being invigorated by the human-induced rise of CO2. In and of itself, therefore, the increasing concentration of CO2 does not pose a toxic risk to the planet.” – John R. Christy, Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alabama

“Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a naturally occurring, beneficial trace gas in the atmosphere. For the past few million years, the Earth has existed in a state of relative carbon dioxide starvation compared with earlier periods. There is no empirical evidence that levels double or even triple those of today will be harmful, climatically or otherwise. As a vital element in plant photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is the basis of the planetary food chain – literally the staff of life. Its increase in the atmosphere leads mainly to the greening of the planet. To label carbon dioxide a “pollutant” is an abuse of language, logic and science.” – Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental and Earth Sciences, James Cook University

“Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. On the contrary, it makes crops and forests grow faster. Economic analysis has demonstrated that more CO2 and a warmer climate will raise GNP and therefore average income. It’s axiomatic that bureaucracies always want to expand their scope of operations. This is especially true of EPA, which is primarily a regulatory agency. As air and water pollution disappear as prime issues, as acid rain and stratospheric-ozone depletion fade from public view, climate change seems like the best growth area for regulators. It has the additional glamour of being international and therefore appeals to those who favor world governance over national sovereignty. Therefore, labeling carbon dioxide, the product of fossil-fuel burning, as a pollutant has a high priority for EPA as a first step in that direction.” – S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia

“Carbon and CO2 (carbon dioxide) are fundamental for all life on Earth. CO2 is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas. CO2 is product of our breathing, and is used in numerous common applications like fire extinguishers, baking soda, carbonated drinks, life jackets, cooling agent, etc. Plants’ photosynthesis consume CO2 from the air when the plants make their carbohydrates, which bring the CO2 back to the air again when the plants rot or are being burned.” – Tom V. Segalstad, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Geology, University of Oslo

“To suddenly label CO2 as a “pollutant” is a disservice to a gas that has played an enormous role in the development and sustainability of all life on this wonderful Earth. Mother Earth has clearly ruled that CO2 is not a pollutant.” – Robert C. Balling Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Climatology, Arizona State University.


EPA Making Carbon Cycle Illegal on Monday

If democrats succeed in nationalizing health care, Barack Obama’s leftward offensive will certainly have reached its high watermark. it is unlikely that members of Congress worried about re-election will risk defying public opinion a second time in order to enact Cap and Trade.

But Obama has a way around the legislative roadblock. He intends, it has already been disclosed, to have the Environmental Protection Agency adopt the perspective of the craziest environmentalist extremists out there and declare the emissions of all living animals, the gaseous elements of the carbon cycle of organic life, “a danger to the environment and the health of Americans.”


Whore house Harry Reid pisses me off. That piece of shit moron wouldn’t know history if it bit him in his shrimp dick. Or, he’s just stupid.  I think it is probably the latter.

As Long as Harry Reid Raises the Subject…
By Scott Strzelczyk

Just to set the record straight on the politics of slavery.

Harry Reid’s comments on the Senate floor yesterday likening opponents of the Democrats’ health care legislation to proponents of slavery were inexcusable. Just to set the record straight:

The Democratic Party vehemently opposed the abolition of slavery, Reconstruction, and black suffrage. Today, the Democratic Party aggressively pursues an enslavement platform through socialist ideology. One cause of the Civil War was the contrasting economic philosophies between the North and the South. Northern Republicans embraced free-market economic principles while Southern Democrats embraced a labor-based economy reliant upon slavery for its existence.


The left continues to lie on all fronts. This has got to end soon. One would think that it isn’t going to be pretty if the health care bill is passed. I think that this might be the last straw for the normal people in this country. If it isn’t that, then cap and trade will certainly push the reset button and America will likely resort to a form of revolution that the left can’t win. Just thinking out loud, so to speak.

The Depths Of Demcare Demagoguery
By Michelle Malkin

How low can they go? The desperate Democratic peddlers of a government health care takeover have proclaimed an insurance “holocaust in America” (Fla. Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson), lambasted conservative health care town hall protesters as “political terrorists” (Indiana Democratic Rep. Baron Hill), sent SEIU thugs to demonstrate outside Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman’s private residence, and derided senior citizens questioning President Obama’s fuzzy math savings claims (California Democratic Rep. Pete Stark: “I wouldn’t dignify you by peeing on your leg. It wouldn’t be worth wasting the urine.”) Now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is leading them deeper into demagogic mire.

This week, Reid pummeled opponents with the worn-out race card. Following in the mucky footsteps of former President Jimmy Carter (who blamed GOP Rep. Joe Wilson’s objections to Obama’s policy deceptions on a “racism inclination”) and Jesse Jackson (“You can’t vote against health care and call yourself a black man”), Reid likened Republicans who object to socialized medicine to slave masters, enemies of women’s suffrage and Bull Connor.


WTF Files…

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From the WTF files we have this gem:

Exploding Chewing Gum Blows Off College Student’s Jaw

A chemistry student in the Ukraine was found dead with his jaw blown off by what is believed to be exploding chewing gum, according to reports.

The 25-year-old’s disfigured remains were discovered at his parent’s home in the northern Ukrainian city of Konotop, reports in the Eastern European country said.

The young man, who studied at Kiev Polytechnic Institute, was working at a computer late on Saturday when the alleged explosion happened.

“A loud pop was heard from the student’s room,” the Web site said, citing an aide to the city’s police chief.


“Where are all the white women at?”

Leave it to the idiots on the left to turn a non-racial issue into one. The only racists I see lately are liberals and the black race hustlers out there trying to make everything about slavery, or some other bullshit that no longer exists in this country.

This country has done more to fix those wrongs than any other on the planet.

Prove me wrong.

I am really tired of it.

Look who’s clubbing Tiger Woods now
By Claude Sandroff

A postracial athlete threatens the grievance industry.

Look who’s clubbing Tiger Woods now

Anyone who hoped that Obama’s election would usher in a post-racial American era might have to wait another generation.  To see why just take a look at Tiger Woods’ troubles — the ones he has with some members of the black media elite.

It is likely after Tiger’s facial scars heal, his sponsors are mollified, his shame dissolves, his wife forgives or divorces him and his fans forget all the dalliances with his ever-growing harem, that many black journalists will continue to hold a bitter grudge.

For Juan Williams, Jesse Washington and Eugene Robinson, Tiger is not primarily the world’s greatest, richest and most dominant athlete.  He is not an individual allowed to live and die by his own code of conduct. For them, Tiger is not a self-determining soul, but a black man who must live by- and never violate- their constraining tribal rules.


This is going to really be apparent when 2010 roles around. Can’t wait. Obama’s train wreck will come to a screeching halt.

Why leaderless Tea Parties are beating the GOP
By Richard Viguerie

Rasmussen reports the Tea Party Movement, which percolated only months ago, is beating the Grand Old Party.

That’s amazing — and good — news. A nascent grassroots movement is more popular than a long-established political party.

Republican Party leaders should be embarrassed. Instead, the Republican establishment disdains this populist uprising. Rather than embracing this genuine movement, establishment politicians and consultants are calculating how to co-opt, sideline or even defeat the newest phenomenon in politics – tea partiers.