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As Wednesday night’s final presidential debate so aptly displayed, John F. Kerry’s populist rhetoric has reached nearly hysterical proportions. “In the past four years, in nearly every decision that he’s made, President George W. Bush has chosen the powerful and the well-connected over middle-class Americans,” Kerry said recently. “The only people George Bush’s policies are working for are the people that he’s chosen to help. They’re working for drug companies. They’re working for HMOs. And they’re certainly working for the big oil companies.”

“The powerful and well-connected”? This from the man who has twice married multimillionaire heiresses; a man who has multiple mansions on multiple continents; a man who windsurfs (poorly) off tony Nantucket; a man who rides a bicycle that costs more than some new cars; a man who doesn’t blink at spending, oh, maybe $15,000 to jet his hairdresser cross-country for a trim.

But we digress. Where it comes to John Kerry’s economic vision for America, The Patriot believes it’s time we called a spade a spade. When Kerry spouts this “wealthy-versus-the-middle-class” rhetoric, he’s flying a Marxist flag, and many Americans seem to be none the wiser. Are we serious, you ask? Marxism?

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